Psychology of keeping going 

Supporting a child with speech delay is a long and often frustrating journey. Here is a list of a some tactics that help me. I’d love to hear other people’s ideas in the comments!

  1. Reasonable expectations of attention span  10 minutes on a single activity is fine for a preschooler
  2. Routines when things happen at the same time every day, exhausting tantrums are less likely. There is another reason routines help – they define what ‘good enough‘ is.
  3. Set the bar to ‘winable’ define an achievable workload for yourself and your child – and make sure to take a moment to pat yourself on the back for sticking with it. It is easy to get overwhelmed looking at everything your child has to catch up with.
  4. Holidays Your kid’s speech therapist has holidays. Your kid’s teacher has the whole weekend without having to be patient or encouraging. Parents are allowed holidays too – even if their kid has extra needs. Accept offers of help when they come – even if ‘help’ sticks your kid in front of the TV for eight hours with a bag of crisps.
  5. Forgive yourself 
  6. Let your support crew in Invariably there is a ‘primary caregiver’ who is disproportionately involved in the therapy, planning and decisions. It’s so easy to become isolated and rigid though. Talking to other people, and taking time to keep your own friendships is important to keep you sane and motivated.
  7. Fun strengthens your bond Silly fun with your kid strengthens your bond and helps you progress more effectively when you work.

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