Buddying up siblings

I suppress a hollow laugh when the speech therapist tells me that ‘just ten minutes a day practice’ will easily fit into my day. Which spare ten minutes is this?

It’s never just about finding ten minutes in our household. It’s about finding ten minutes to work with just one child, while the other children are safely contained on another activity. An activity that is interesting enough to keep them out of our hair while we practice, but not so interesting that the ‘target child’ becomes jealous and uncooperative.

My answer to this is to involve the siblings. The easiest person to do this with is Squids younger sister – baby Squid. Baby Squid’s speech is great – and she loves to drill flash cards with Squid – despite the 3 year age gap. Squids eldest brother is a terrible loser. He was the ‘buddy’ when Squids speech homework was turntaking games. Finally Squid is a buddy herself. Her creative and crafty streak keeping her other brother company on fine motor skills work.

I want to teach my kids that families should be about supporting each other. Not walking our paths alone.

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