HappyFoods is a food diary to track and motivate trying new foods.

Designed for young people with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder.

The Problem


Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder is an eating disorder where sufferers substantially restrict their diet, without motivation to lose weight.

It can be rooted in autistic sensory sensitivity or rigid behaviour patterns. For others, it can stem from a traumatic food experience (e.g. choking or allergies), or anxiety..

It is not a healthy way to be – not just the risk of nutritional deficiencies, but also missing out on the social and emotional benefits of sharing food with others. Sufferers often struggle to access appropriate treatment.

Christmas Dinner?
It’s hard to get a balanced diet and fight back from ‘beige’ when you are hyper-sensitive to textures, smells and tastes. Even a change in the brand packaging can trigger anxiety.

How can HappyFoods help?

HappyFoods guides the user through a process called ‘systematic desensitisation’, providing low pressure encouragement to try new foods and keep track of progress. It has some built in activities to reduce anxiety around food. We are working on expanding this, and bringing in prompts for food chaining.

The Journey So Far

SaLT for my Squid is a fully independent iOS development studio driven by people who have a personal stake in giving back to the autism community. Led by a software developer with a doctorate in Big Data – the vision is to bring the best of modern technology to make gentle apps to address common problems faced by autistic young people in a dignified and economical way.

Original Concept Reel
Version 2
App Store version – onboarding.
Main flow.

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