Monkey preschool lunchbox

Click here to see Monkey Preschool Lunchbox on the App Store ( £1.99 ) .

The great thing about this app is that even very young children interact with it appropriately without adult guidance. This is a very good thing – in the real world where sometimes you need your child of safely occupy themselves for a little while – and you don’t really need the added guilt of turning around to find them mashing at the screen decapitating zombies or taking very bad care of their FarmVille pets or pasting 200 poo emojis to make a ‘picture’.

The beauty of the interface is the gentle positive reinforcement. The monkey shakes his head when you get it wrong, and patiently waits for you to get it right. Years of use – that monkey wins a medal for being a zero-tantrum trigger.

The puzzles include colour recognition, simple counting, simple jigsaws, basic vocabulary. The voice quality is excellent on the instruction, and talks in complete sentences, so I think it is a useful game for children of preschool and primary age with delayed speech.

Highly recommended!

img_4429Monkey Lunchbox

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