Crib sheet*

ASD – Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Apraxia – The mouth doesn’t make the sounds right, without an obvious physical cause.

Autism – Trouble with communication and understanding social interaction.

APD – No problem with hearing but they just don’t hear properly.

Expressive Language – Turning your thoughts into words.

Fluency – Sounding natural 

Language disorder – Sentences all wonky. 

Mutism – Speech and language basically fine – but in some situations the words don’t come out.

Phonics – How letters get turned into sounds. 

PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System. Small laminated cards mounted on Velcro that can be used to communicate if the language and understanding is broadly there but the words just won’t come out. 

Phonological Disorder – The sounds don’t come out right.

Receptive Language – Understanding what is said to you.

SALT – Speech and Language Therapy/Therapist. Tastes good on chips.

SEN – Special Educational Needs. Means that they need some different approaches to get the most out of their education. That’s all.

*No guarantees to accuracy! Just my understanding

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