First Blubs

Note: when I searched for this on the App Store it seems to have relaunched under Speech Blubs and now providing a more full featured app. We are beyond needing this, but it looks great.

*Concept* Animal noises modelled by children. Child is encouraged to imitate. Rewarded by seeing their own face on screen with funny animal ears.

*Target group* Pre-verbal children or children who are having significant difficulties making certain sounds. Apraxia and muscle weakness.

This one didn’t last long in our house, but was great fun for a while. The Snapchat style animal face overlays really appealed to my kids. Even my older ones wanted a go, just for the zany fun aspect. Squid worked longer and harder than she would have done if I had tried to drill the same sounds myself. A really nice original concept for an under-catered end of the market: articulation rather than vocabulary.

Summary: simple but effective way to encourage children to practice key pre-speech sounds

Rating: 🦑🦑🦑🦑

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