April 2019 Newsletter

Mission: Create outstanding apps to support people with autism and related difficulties. Put the user and their caregivers at the heart of the design process, making lifestyle apps with a therapeutic angle. Let’s harness the power of touchscreen devices  to support therapy in a practical, cheap and fun way. 

Product Currently In Development: HappyFoods is an iPhone application to empower teenagers with restrictive eating patterns to expand their range of acceptable foods.

Who am I? I’m 39 years old and live in London. I have kids aged between 15 and 3. My eldest has an ASD diagnosis. One of her challenges is very restricted eating – HappyFoods is something we designed together to empower her and to take the pressure off me. The original inspiration for Salt for my Squid is now 7. She had a severe expressive and receptive speech delay. It was really tough for a while. Apps were something that we used to take the pressure off – and it inspired me to learn to code in Swift in order to be able to write the apps that I wished existed. I’m a naturally geeky person – before doing this I was a mathematician. Not so good at the creative stuff – but luckily my eldest is good at art and does the graphics for me! It’s been slow getting started, but with my youngest starting school in September – the time is ‘now’ to make things happen.

April Update: I spent 2 weeks as a participant in Apple Entrepreneur Camp. Immense thanks for your support for getting me there – it was an amazing boost.

May Plan: Plan is to launch a basic version of HappyFoods out to testers shortly. Aim is for the full version to include some hot new tech, like machine learning – but the most important thing is that it clicks as a user experience with our kids – so please don’t be shy to tell me what you think of the prototypes.

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