Privacy Policy

This is how we will treat your data when you use FudFid app and associated services.

Our Mission

SaLT for my Squid is committed to making innovative lifestyle apps to support autistic people and their caregivers. We’re a small team committed to our community. If we get things wrong – please tell us and we will try to improve. Even better – come and join us – and help us make awesome things that really make a difference.

Information We Collect in App

Where information is stored

Personal data I may get outside of the app

When you use any app, the developer can see basic information on you – for example which country you are in and what operating system your phone is on. When you use an app in TestFlight, you share extra information to help the developer, such as technical traces to help me understand any crashes or malfunctions, and to tell me whether I am retaining users, or if people delete the app soon after download. In particular, TestFlight offers the option for the users to send me screenshot feedback.

On the testing version of FudFid, every time you click ‘like’ or ‘block’, that information is sent to my servers, to help me understand which content is hitting the spot and which content is wrong for this market. If you are logged in, this information will be linked to the email you provide. Otherwise it will be linked to an anonymous label with no identifying features (and no tracking across time).

When you shoot a video in FudFid you will be prompted to create an account. This is not compulsory – you will have all the features without registering – apart from that the pop up will keep coming. I only upload videos to my server from registered users. You have an additional toggle after you’ve shot a video if you prefer to keep a particular video private.

I will review the videos to understand how people are using the app, to decide which features I should build next on the content creation side. I would like to also use the best videos as content for future releases. This will help hugely with the aim of having a large enough content catalogue to be able to create a ‘walled garden’ experience for younger users where we do not collect any data from them at all. I will email you again to check – but if I don’t receive a response I will presume that you are comfortable with your creation to be used in this way. I will of course uphold a tight editorial policy, and not show children’s faces or voices in any context without explicit permission from an adult carer.

Your data will be stored on password protected ‘Firebase’ servers operated by Google. As part of that, the app also runs Google Analytics and Google Crashlytics.

I will treat all information sensitively and take all reasonable precautions to protect your data and to not allow any awkwardness for you as a result of your participation.

If you tell me you would like your data deleted and provide your registration details or other identifying information, I will do so.

If you send me an email, I will store your email address on my email, and in a password protected spreadsheet.

If you are part of the Facebook group, I will know information you provide there, and I may cross reference you with your tester profile to ask you for clarification of any points that you feedback.

When you test for me, I may contact you in future to ask if you would be interested in future testing, and to update you on SaLT for my Squid. You can take yourself off my list by emailing back ‘unsubscribe’. I never sell data.

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