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A friendly and low pressure food diary to empower people with restrictive eating patterns to expand their range of acceptable foods.

Do you dread having a plate of food put in front of you? Get embarrassed by your limited diet when eating with others? Worry about your health and nutritional deficiencies? Bored of beige plate after beige plate?
It’s sometimes not as easy as ‘just eat the food’ or ‘stop being so fussy’. This app is for people who have struggled with restricted eating patterns, are ready and motivated to make changes, but need a bit of scaffolding and cheerleading to help them progress.

This app is designed to coach you through a process called systematic desensitisation. To like a food you must try it first. Maybe five times. Maybe fifty times.

You can use the app with a therapist to set targets for yourself and to track which foods you’re trying. You can also use this app standalone to build your own ladder to a broader diet. Or as a way for your loved ones to cheer your progress without pressuring your actual eating

If you think your difficulties are sensory, why not set yourself targets to try foods with a similar sensory profile? If your difficulties are based on anxiety, why not use this app to help prepare yourself for your next big social meal by planning to try the foods beforehand? If your autism makes you rigid about your food choices – why not set yourself a target of trying one different food at every mealtime? It’s easy to input the data – so it won’t interupt your flow.

Broadening your diet will be hard. It will have to become a habit to keep trying. HappyFoods supports you every step of the way – adding fun and encouragement into what can feel like a lonely road.

Celebrate the tries, whether you liked the food or not. Track your effort and growth over time, so you can look back to see how far you’ve come.

Believe in the power of ‘try’. Believe in growth.
Stick with it and slowly…. slowly… food will get happier for you.

Don’t keep stressing about all the foods you can’t eat – just focus on hitting nine tries every week.

There’s some awesome self care right there.

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I know it’s not ideal to have such a young voice narrating – but… starting to fray at the edges with pushing every element to the finish, and this happened to be the person sitting next to me at the time! Happy to take volunteers to re-voi

ce it!

Let’s build something together.

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