Why I made It

I don’t ‘do’ poetry. 

At least, I didn’t until the pandemic of loss, regression and resilience – but that’s another story. 

I can definitely say that I don’t ‘do’ old poetry. It is full of long words, and references I don’t understand and is reserved for people who studied English at university. 

Then someone sent me an Emily Dickinson poem. It didn’t sound old. The poem  sounded like the best of me and my closest female friends – just amped up. 

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Special Words

I wanted to keep talking to Emily – but I didn’t know how. Emily wrote a lot (and people wrote about Emily a lot). I was overwhelmed. 


The app was built as a gift for the friend who introduced me to Emily and as a gift to myself. I wanted to shorten my odds of picking out the poem that was relevant to the state of my soul at that moment – and then give that poem some space to really ring out and settle. 


Emily has been a loneliness companion to generations. In this pandemic age of loneliness, it is good to give her a bigger platform. 


Learn more about Emily Dickinson

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