Current Projects

Happy Foods

An iPhone app to empower teenagers with restrictive eating patters to help themselves to expand their diets. A prototype walkthrough is here

Her Words

“Your 2 year old is likely to be using more than 50 words, and starting to put two words together”. My two year old didn’t. This is the app version of the paper chart I made to celebrate every word that she did say – and to change my own mindset to make sure that I was enjoying her language acquisition and not just worrying about it.

This app has a simple interface to input words, and then a graphical data display screen to see how her vocabulary has grown over time. Guaranteed no milestones or anything to make you feel inadequate (though feel free to share the data with your healthcare provider – never again be stuck on those tricky ‘so how many words is she saying now’ questions).


Developed as part of the MomsCanCode Hackathon. An app which maps Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to your parenting day to prove to you that you’re actually doing much better than you think!

Shape Coding

Based on the research by Susan Ebbels . Subject-verb-object sentence structure is represented by three shapes. Child then practices making these simple sentences. We used it on paper to teach my daughter to use verbs in her sentences – now we want to develop it as a game – to give a bit more variety to how these ideas can be practiced!

Toddler Activity Roulette

Does it get on your nerves that those adorable Pinterest toddler activities take you five times as long to ‘set up’ as they take your toddler to do? Cupboard bursting full of craft material, but endlessly buying more?

Three revolving wheels:
> Where are you? (Indoors/Cafe/Park/Beach/Rain etc)
> What equipment do you have?
> What do you need to learn? (Numbers/Social Skills/Speech Skills/Just have fun/Fine Motor Skills etc)

Lock which ever ones are fixed in your life (e.g. today you will use up the jar of buttons). Spin whichever ones you’re flexible on. Activity suggestion pops out! Don’t like that one? Nudge or spin any wheel to see more! Can be targeted to a general market, or customised with activity ideas known to fit in well with therapy.

Your Idea Goes Here

If you have an idea of your own – I’d love to hear it!


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