iPhone food diary to track and motivate trying new foods

Information and support for ARFID

This app is to support people with restricted eating. You might just want to broaden your diet, or you could have a more serious difficulty linked to autism, trauma or ARFID. Our friends at ARFID Awareness UK provide quality information and resources to find out more about this condition.

How it works:

Aim is to try 9 new foods a week. You can log tried foods, set targets and share progress with a super-simple interface that will support whatever you are doing to expand your range of foods. No pressure, no obsessiveness – just a cute little cheerleader in your pocket for every little step of progress you make. Please drop me a line if you would like more in-depth information.

Developer Information

At WWDC 19 with Apple engineers.

Development team is 1 person…. and everyone else who chips in with ideas and testing and support! Mission is to harness the best of modern technology to support kids and young adults with autism and related disorders. The future is now – we deserve a slice of it. Drop me a line for a chat.

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