A “choose your own adventure” social media simulator game to support tweens with restrictive eating patterns. Reawakening food curiosity and providing therapeutic tips in a low-pressure format.

Launching Summer 2021!

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ARFID is an eating disorder. It is diagnosed when you eat a very limited range of foods, without wanting to lose weight, or having a health or cultural reason to do so. Calling it ‘extreme picky eating’ doesn’t do justice to the long term struggles of sufferers and their families. The limited nutrition can cause short and long term health problems. It also makes any social occasions involving food hard.

How is it treated?

Often it’s not treated. It’s hard to find a therapist; it’s expensive. Other things might be going on – like autism or anxiety. Families do their best – but pressure, nagging and ‘consequences’ will often increase resistance and strain family relationships.

Why an app?

Almost every kid has access to a device – and games can engage them without pressure. An app can’t replace proper therapy, but it can introduce helpful ideas in a low pressure bitesize way.

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