Great way to encourage conversation, and to make PECS fun. Loved this idea.

Mummy Est.2014

Ok the title is a bit of false advertising, but J has hit the terrible 2’s with full force and gave me only 2hrs sleep last night so my energy reserve for ‘tantrum outbursts’ is running low today.

Today we used the new PECS cards to explore Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. We love this book and have read it a zillions time. It’s one I never get bored off and neither does J.

For those who haven’t read Dear Zoo, it is a flap based book using a simple repeated phrase. Each page hides a typical Zoo animal and a reason why it can’t be kept as a pet. Then in the end the Zoo send a much more appreciate choice of animal and everyone is happy.

J loves the flaps! He loves to open and close them, as well as turning pages. He’s not overly bothered about discussing…

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