Talking in borrowed words

Don’t don’t don’t. Don’t have music playing in the background when you have a speech delayed child is just one more don’t I had to learn. It makes it extra difficult for them to focus on the speech around them; harder to differentiate the separate sounds against the background noise; the wall of noise inhibitingContinue reading “Talking in borrowed words”

Speaking parts for non-speaking kids

Sheep 3: “There it is” That’s just made our Christmas! So chuffed the teachers trusted her to have a speaking part. (Actually – it was Sheep 2: “Where is the star” *pause* *pause* *finger-twist* *pause* *pause* Sheep 3: “There it is” Next year’s nativity, I think the lesson learnt is to practice listening to theContinue reading “Speaking parts for non-speaking kids”

Don’t Assume Your Aspie Will Know Funeral Etiquette

Funeral Etiqutte on What to Do: 1. Go. Attend the funeral in person. Miss weddings and baby showers if you must but attend the funerals. People never forget that you attended a funeral and you will bring them comfort and care even if you stay a little while. 2. Wear strictly black 3. Express yourContinue reading “Don’t Assume Your Aspie Will Know Funeral Etiquette”

Language disorders at primary age

Squid has done marvellously well. ‘Just outside the range of normal’ for understanding, grammar and language. Her NHS speech therapist wants to move her onto only speech sound targets for the next block. Apart from ‘just outside the range of normal’ means that on every test they administer she scores between 5% and 10% lessContinue reading “Language disorders at primary age”