Cat bus

Listening game – which cats go on the ‘L’ bus?

This was something we did when Nursery gave ‘homework’ to find items from home beginning with ‘L’. There are a lot of words in that sentence that I couldn’t even begin to put across to my daughter at that stage – so this is our adaptation.

img_4056I told her lots of cats were going on the bus – but only L cats could go on the L bus. I printed out the pictures with the names underneath. This was because I couldn’t be sure to remember all the cat names. Also because I was happy for her to use the auditory clue of listening for the L sound together with the visual clue of the letter. OK, OK … the printed words were a tantrum dodger. She understood that they had to ‘match’ – whereas she would have got cross if Mum was just telling her which was L and which wasn’t.


img_0327-3Here is the fish craft that Junior and I made to practice making our F sounds. It’s a big fish with a kitchen roll insert behind him. I cut the fish out of a piece of A4 paper that she’d finger painted all over.

The game is to feed five small fish to the big fish by posting them into the big fishes mouth. You can make it extra fun by ‘racing’ the fish across the table by making exaggerated ‘F’ sounds, puffing out air each time (Try it! It makes more sense when you try it!)