Twin-tastic pronouns

An idiosyncrasy of Junior’s speech is that she doesn’t use gender identifying pronouns correctly. He/she her/his all come out interchangeably. It never really bothered me that much, because it was easy enough to understand what she meant. However, I’ve now decided to make a project of it. I’m hoping it will be relatively easy toContinue reading “Twin-tastic pronouns”

My little pony 

Ponies work hard here. Their big eyes bring charm to the toy box. They’re a peer acceptable interest for a school aged girl. And every week they give a tutorial on an aspect of female friendships.  Although the cartoons are at the top end of her comprehension – this hasn’t been a problem. One ofContinue reading “My little pony “

+1 challenge 

Cutting up the kids’ food. A little parenting habit that you internalise. Then one day you’re at a work lunch and you only just stop yourself leaning across and offering to slice up your colleague’s chicken.  Here’s another habit that I’ve absorbed – to build up my kids speech. Echo their sentences back adding aContinue reading “+1 challenge “