7 ways the UK school funding formula steals our hope

1) Institute for Fiscal Studies calculates that U.K. schools will see an average 8% real-terms reduction in per-pupil funding between 2014 and 2020. The overall funding is basically static, but there are large additional expenses. The shortfall can only be met by staff cuts. 2) Schools need staff beyond teachers. Having a TA in theContinue reading “7 ways the UK school funding formula steals our hope”

Gender stereotyping pronouns 

Gender is just a social construct – right? Primary aged kids don’t have any differences in appearance or strength or biological function based on their gender – so it follows I should be quite content that Junior doesn’t differentiate he/she/it. I have achieved a child totally unfettered by gender stereotypes – a modern citizen! DarnContinue reading “Gender stereotyping pronouns¬†“

A bucket full of superheroes

You need certain accessories for this activity. A box of Marvel Lego, a local multiplex showing a thrilling Lego Batman movie and a helpful big brother with encyclopaedic knowledge of the characters. Squid’s target is to learn to use pronouns reliably; we set out together to restore justice to Gotham. 1) We ferreted through theContinue reading “A bucket full of superheroes”

Pony role models

Squid’s Dad found this excellent little activity book – which had a helpful page with each pony’s special friendship skills. She doesn’t know any of those words – but she knows all those ponies – so it was a nice hook to chat about what makes a good friend. The great thing about doing ‘socialContinue reading “Pony role models”

Never underestimate the desperation of a woman who chooses to be up at midnight hot-glueing home-dried rose petals to a cereal box.

Let me take you back a few hours. It all started quite sensibly. Family learning homework being to do something (anything) on the topic of ‘flowers’. Flowers: we know. Roses, daffodils, bluebells, daisies: we love but we don’t know. Petal, stem, leaf: blank. Like many other school interactions – I take it as a tip-offContinue reading “Never underestimate the desperation of a woman who chooses to be up at midnight hot-glueing home-dried rose petals to a cereal box.”

12 things I hate about indirect speech therapy

1) She has enough challenges in her learning without diverting her teacher to be a ‘shadow speech therapist’ 2) She has enough challenges engaging  with her peers without diverting her teaching assistant to be a ‘shadow speech therapist’ 3) You’re trading quantified targets (e.g. speech sounds) against softer unspecified goals (e.g. answer a question inContinue reading “12 things I hate about indirect speech therapy”

New words for me

I’ve put together a little glossary HERE (or reachable through top menu). I find that it is helpful to understand the terminology & theory of Junior’s additional ‘needs’ so that I can plan for her better and have more effective conversations with healthcare professionals. And Google better.  I’m not a therapist myself – so I’ve written down theContinue reading “New words for me”