Words wanted; will pay biscuits 

My speech therapist advises Hanen inspired approaches which involve a lot of pregnant pauses to give your child the opportunity to speak, without ever pressuring them. My mother-in-law, however, won’t hand over biscuits without a credible attempt to request it politely. A standoff. Subliminal calculation of grandmotherly intransigence versus grandmotherly generosity. Then she acquiesces. SheContinue reading “Words wanted; will pay biscuits “


– very motivating to encourage child to vocalise repetitive simple instructions to ‘train’ their pet. “Rex – SIT!”  – kid is also motivated to tell you what is happening – so use simple sentences like ‘doggy is eating’ – wholesome appealing fun for every age group – best used at the point at which theContinue reading “Nintendogs”

+1 challenge 

Cutting up the kids’ food. A little parenting habit that you internalise. Then one day you’re at a work lunch and you only just stop yourself leaning across and offering to slice up your colleague’s chicken.  Here’s another habit that I’ve absorbed – to build up my kids speech. Echo their sentences back adding aContinue reading “+1 challenge “